What is Expected of…

* establishes tuition to be paid in advance by the first lessen of that four month semester.
* determines the music, length of practice, and scheduled time for that weekly lesson.
* maintains memberships in professional organizations and strive for musical growth.
* terminates lessons when the student is irregular in attendance, repeatedly fails to prepare assigned material, or is very disruptive in class.
* maintains close and personal contact with the parent to ensure that he / she is getting the most from their lessons.
* makes learning a pleasure and educational experience so that they learn all the different aspects of music, not just notes.

* arrives and is ready for their weekly lesson punctually, well-prepared with all the necessary materials and books.
* schedules DAILY practice at the same time each day, without distractions.
* takes advantage of performance opportunities provided by teacher and obtains CONSENT from the teacher for all other performances.
* acknowledges the study of music and must be willing to make it an undisputed place among all interests and hobbies.

* supports the fulfilling of the students responsibility and encourage progress.
* provide a well-tuned acoustic ( not electric ) piano, piano lamp and metronome to study on.
* promptly pay and show for lessons.