Fine Arts Requirement

In order to take lessons and grow as an educated musician, it is important that you observe and support the arts by attending concerts, plays, etc. on a professional and college level basis. Therefore, every student must attend two concerts or fine arts programs a year. Outdoor summers are accepted as part of the requirement.

The following are NOT acceptable: Alpine Valley, Summerfest and all other fests or rock concert. No grade school or high school performances are acceptable. If you are not sure, ask me first.

Follow these guidelines to ensure proper credit on your requirements.

A. Professional productions only.
B. Only one pop artist a year allowed.
C. Any college performance is acceptable if done by college age artist.
D. The requirement does not have to be musical. Plays or any other type of production is fine.
E. Two requirements are to be met each calendar year.
F. You must fill out a concert requirement form which you may download from this site. Return the completed form with a ticket stub or program to me within ONE MONTH of the performance. Anything after one month will not count towards the requirement.
G. Group tickets will be offered from time to time for you and your family to take advantage of to help in directing you to worth- while concerts or plays.
H. When going to the fine arts program, enjoy yourself and remember the rules of etiquette in concert affairs.