My Philosophy of Music

Cynthia Duszynski’s Studio of Music

Music is a part of living. No one can go through life without being touched by some kind of music. Some of us participate in music, while the others sit alongside and enjoy as the music speaks to their heart. Nothing else runs the full gambit of hate, love, fulfillment, joy, frustration or sadness as does the sound of music. As an educator, it is my desire to give all of my students the knowledge and skill to hear deep within what the music is saying to them. Their music education WILL enrich their lives forever.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping a person, young or old, read and write through music. If through rhythmic structures in music, I can help the student to identify difficult areas in their math, then I have proven how important music can be in a basic education structure. If as a music educator, my goal is to guide and facilitate the student in painting a picture through music, they will more readily enjoy and appreciate all beauty that surrounds them.

There is not a day that goes by that our ears do not hear some form of music or musical tones. It is what our brains decide to do with what we hear daily that form our opinions, likes and dislikes of sounds. In educating, I work to have the student keep an open mind musically, which in turn gives them a far greater potential and understanding of the written page, which exhilarates new heights in their thought process.

Music must be and is a part of life of every educated person.