Requirements for Learning

Requirements for Learning

Every teacher has his or her own method of teaching. There are a few very important requirements that parents and students must realize when beginning to teach a new or transfer student.

A. It has been proven that repetition is a strong basis for storing information. It is required therefore, that each student have a good working CD player.

B. In order to create music, the student must have an acoustical (not electric) piano that is in great working order. Your piano should be tuned once or twice a year. If you require the name of a piano tuner, please call us or email us and we will forward the information to you. If a key or any part of the piano is not in working order, it is the parents responsibility to call the tuner immediately. If not taken care of properly, you hinder your child’s musical growth. Upkeep on your piano is a must for a maximum learning  experience.

C. Rhythm is a very important part of music. Therefore, all students are required to purchase a metronome through me at a discount or on your own. Do not purchase one with a bell if possible.

D. Proper lighting is something that can enhance your child’s musical growth. Every piano must have a PIANO LAMP OVER their music, not beside it or hanging from a ceiling, for maximum lighting.

E. As in studying anything, a quite room without distractions in the only way to learn. Please do not have a television or telephone on in that room while the student is practicing. Do not answer the phone while practicing your lesson.