Looking Forward To Learning Theory!

This presentation is designed for the teacher who is looking to teach more than just written theory.   As educators at the piano, we need to not teach only notes, counting and dynamics, but rather the stylistic ideas and lifestyle that the composer was thinking and living during his life.

Theory is not just workbooks, but rather a life long journey into gaining greater knowledge through going “outside the box” of theory books.  I have developed many supplementary books and programs designed to help the student learn more about what life was like during a specific time period.

In an orchestra, are your students able to hear, understand the parts and instrumentation of an orchestra?  Why did classical composers use a V to I progression over and over at the end of their work? What did the chord structures used by Debussy lead the world into?  Is tapping your foot to a Chopin Nocturne acceptable?  Music theory is much more fun when examples are given and the history behind the idea is exposed.  Come and learn something you never knew before!