Missing Lessons

Lesson appointments belong solely to the student scheduled thereto. Lessons are given on a weekly basis with a specific number of lessons per semester. There are NO make-up lessons for after school sports activities. A 24 hour notice is required due to illness. Emergencies and natural causes are understandable and will always be made-up if the parent chooses to. If the teacher is sick, you will not pay for that lesson if the teacher chooses not to make it up.

There are no credits, exchanges or refunds given on lessons because the services of the teacher are regulated by the time slots that are reserved for each student.  Time slots for a one week scheduling problem are transferable. Any longer than that, they must be authorized by the teacher. If a time slot needs to be rearranged, the parent/student will have to call the family in the desired spot you wish to have for that given week. Each family will receive a schedule with names and phone numbers for your access. Once the schedule is switched for that week, the student desiring that switch must call and let the teacher know of the time change.

If the student is late for their lesson, they will receive whatever time is left of their allotted time. If the teacher is late, you will receive the entire lesson time. If you can get to the lesson a couple of minutes earlier, the student can practice on the digital piano and warm the fingers up and be ready to go. This will also help in maintaining a prompt schedule.