Parent and Sibling Guidelines While at the Studio

Parents and siblings are welcome to sit in the studio quietly or sit out on the patio during lesson time. Please minimize siblings coming in and out of the studio during the lesson time. Boots, shoes, tennis shoes and hiking boots in wet weather, should be put on the boot rack. Please open the door in the cold weather when everyone is ready to enter the studio. This will keep all of us warmer throughout the lesson time.

Parents MUST be with young children outside.

Everyone is welcome to use the restroom as needed. Dirty, sticky hands should be washed before touching the keyboard or after playing outside. Please limit the amount of food eaten in the studio. Beverages should be in a covered cup.

Only students taking lessons are allowed to play on the digital piano with headphones on low. The studio is not responsible for any damage in hearing due to headphones being used too loud.

When parking, please park on the road. When backing up in the driveway, LOOK OVER YOUR LEFT (not right) shoulder to avoid going in the culvert.