Practice Requirement

In order for your child to make the progress that you would like to see, it is important that you follow the guidelines below to insure that you are getting the quality education that is being offered to your child.

  1. Practice must be done every day and ideally at the same time each day.
  2. Student must look at his/her notebook every day to know what is being expected of them. DO YOUR THEORY THE NEXT DAY to ensure that they remember what was taught the day before.
  3. No answering the telephone, taking bathroom breaks or interruptions are allowed during practice time.
  4. Parents are required to check-in on the child’s practicing daily. Have a Sunday recital moment and gather family members and play your lesson for them to see how you are doing.
  5. Student MUST practice the proper way that is taught to them. If not, the child will jeopardize taking lessons with me.
  6. Every piece is to be practiced every day.
  7. Extra practice time is necessary when days of practice are skipped. It is not possible to cram for a piano lesson, I know, I tried!
  8. There should be pencil marks in the music throughout the years of study, made by the parents and students.
  9. Blank pages means the student is not focusing on details within the music well enough.
  10. When recording a practice session or listening to a recording is required, parents are encouraged to sit and listen with the child and help them to hear difficult areas within a piece. It also builds a relationship and a sense of wanting to be a part of their musical experience.