Termination of Lessons

Lessons may only be terminated with a one month notice before the end of a semester. That would be the beginning of April, August or December. This must be done in writing with a date and reason for leaving the studio. If you are considering ending your child’s music education with the studio, I would like to know so that we can work together to help get over what could be just a hurdle. Many times it takes just an adjustment of the assignment, a new pop song, etc. to help the child breakout of the problem they are having or feeling. Upon receiving in writing the desire to leave the studio, the parent may finish out the semester or end the lessons at that point realizing there is no refund of lesson money. All book fee money will be returned within two months of the written notice.

If there is a prolonged illness or natural cause that you have no control over, you are welcome to leave and come back at a more suitable time. The teacher has the right to terminate the student at any given time at which point, a refund of the unused lessons will be given along with any book fee money due.

Learning music must be a triangle of communication between the parent, student and teacher. If one point fails, the continuity is lost. Therefore, I need to know what is going on in the child’s life as well as the family’s life to create the best atmosphere and desire for learning. When this triangle is set solid between all of us, the child’s musical experience blooms greatly.